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Places of Interest

Allagash Historical Society, Rt. 161, 398-3335/3159 or 398-3157. Open: May 1 - October 15, Tues. - Saturday 12 -4. Admission: no charge, donations accepted. Log House Museum houses local genealogical records, photos, history of area lumbering, artifacts, military section.

Ashland Logging Museum, Garfield Rd., 435-6039. Open: Memorial Day - Labor Day daily 10 - 4. Admission: no charge, donations accepted. Museum building with blacksmith shop and two machine sheds housing artifacts and exhibits including log haulers and sleds, relating to lumbering industry.

Caribou Historical Center ,3 miles south of Caribou on US #1. Open: June 1 - Sept. 4. Tuesday - Saturday 9 -5 or by appointment (498-3095. Admission: no charge, donations accepted. Contains antiques and artifacts from early Caribou homes, historical papers, photographs, Civil and Spanish War memorabilia, farm tools, etc. There is also a replica of a frontier one-room schoolhouse with appropriate furnishings.

Gray Memorial United Methodist Church ,Corner of Sweden and Prospect Streets. Open: check at parsonage. Admission: no charge. The Church was built in 1913.

Nylander Museum, 393 Main Street, Open: Memorial Day - Labor Day, Wednesday - Sunday 1-5. Admission: no charge, donations accepted. Rotating displays of mounted birds of the world, early human artifacts, medical herbs, geological collections, marine life specimens, shells & butterfly and moths of the world in addition to periodic special traveling exhibits.

Universalist Church , Route 164 about 1/2 mile south of Hatch Drive intersection, top of hill. Open: check with minister. Admission: no charge. Oldest church building in Caribou.

Rosie O'Grady Balloon of Peace Monument , In field behind Keaton Locksmith about 2 miles from Caribou Inn & Convention Center on Route 164. Open: year around. Admission: no charge. Location of Rosie O'Grady's balloon launch for transatlantic flight.

Fort Kent Blockhouse (1840), Block House Street off Rt. 1. Erected as part of military preparation vs. Canada resulting from longstanding controversy as to the location of Maine's northeastern boundary.

Fort Kent Historical Society Museum, Main & Market Streets, 834-5121. Museum located in former Bangor & Aroostook Railroad station. Contains exhibits on Fort Kent's history.


S/S Katahdin (1914) & Moosehead Marine Museum, N. Main Street, East Cove, 695-2716. Artifacts and photographs concerning the marine history of the region and Mount Kineo peninsula.

Guilford Historical Society, North Main St., 876-2787. One of the oldest buildings in Guilford, erected in 1825.

Aroostook County Historical and Art Museum, 109 Main Street, 532-2519. Housed in a 1903 Colonial Revival building containing Aroostook County artifacts. National Register of Historic Places.

Island Falls.

Webb Museum of Vintage Fashion (1894), Sherman Street, Rt. 2, 862-3797 or 463-2404. Family museum. All ages welcome.

Katahdin Iron Works (1843), From Rt. 11,5 mi. North of Brownville Jct., take gravel road (left) six miles to Iron Works. Restored stone blast furnace and charcoal kiln on site of 19th century iron works that produced some 18-20 tons of raw iron daily during its periods of peak operation in the 1880's.


Madouesk Historic Center & Acadian Cross Historic Shrine, U.S. Rt. 1, 728-4518/4272. Features Acadian artifacts and those of local historical value.

Millinocket Town Museum, Municipal Building, 723-5766. Collections relating paper towns.

Northern Timber Cruisers Snowmobile Museum, Rt., 157, Lake Road, 723-6344. A history on snowmobiling and the part that Maine & Millinocket played in the development of the industry.

Old Town Museum, North 4th St. Ext., 827-7256. Historic water-works building, permanent logging exhibits, Sunday programs.

Penobscott Nation Museum, Indian Island, 827-4153.


The Hudson Museum, Maine Center for the Arts, 581-1901. Exhibits and programs exploring anthropology.

University of Maine Museum of Art, 5712 Carnegie Hall, 581-3256. Not handicapped accessible. Museum with campus art galleries and traveling exhibitions for schools.

Patten Lumberman's Museum,, Rt. 159, 1/2 mile west of Patten, 528-2650/2547.

Presque Isle.

Aroostook County Historical Center, UMPI Library, 181 Main St., 764-0311, ext. 290. Books about Aroostook history & culture, or by Aroostook authors.

Ste. Agatha Historical Society (1850's), Main St., Rt. 162, 543-6364. Artifacts of everyday use by the people of the St. John Valley.

Stockholm Historical Society Museum, Corner of Main and Lake Sts., off Rt. 161, 896-5283. Museum building served as town's first store and post office. Houses local history collection.

Van Buren.

Acadian Village, Rt. 1 North, 868-2691 or 868-5042.


Salmon Brook Historical Society (1852), Main St. Rt. 164.

Other Links Of Interest

A List Of Educational Information - There are a lot of things to know about the State of Maine, and Aroostook County. Below are some links to information about the largest agricultural crop in Maine, the Maine Potato. Also links about Aroostook County, the largest county east of the Mississippi covering an area larger than Rhode Island and Connecticut together.

The Maine Potato - An Agricultural Treat - In the two cultures where there is so much interesting potato history, the methods of planting potatoes are remarkably similar. In both Ireland, and the Andes, planting is done with what in Ireland is called the "lazy-bed" method. A four foot wide strip of earth is fertilized (manured) and a trench is dug into the sod on either side. After the seed is put on the manured strip, pieces of the sod are laid on top of the seed. With some variations, this method had prevailed in Ireland for hundreds of years, and in the Andes, for thousands of years.

Facts About The State - Facts, Figures and more concerning the State of Maine.

Aroostook County, Its Only Natural - WE HAVE IT ALL!!!! PEACE AND QUIET! of our lakes, streams and of the close-knit communities, nestled within the picturesque St. John Valley. The Valley offers families a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle. EXCITEMENT AND ADVENTURE! Of our unique Acadian culture. There are beautiful museums and historical sites located throughout the valley. For the outdoor enthusiast, canoe down our expeditious St. John River. CHALLENGE AND RESULTS: Hunt for game - big and small. Tucked off by ourselves, we have managed to retain hunting and fishing territories of the highest quality.

Katahdin Iron Works - A Maine Historical Site - Today, the skeletons of a blast furnace and charcoal kiln stand silent, lone remnants of the Katahdin Iron Works. In the past, these structures pulsed with activity as part of Maine's only nineteenth century iron works operation. Here the fires of the blast furnace flames non-stop for as long as a year at a time, glowing against the night sky. Smoke poured from this charcoal kiln and many other s like it. Mule, oxen or horse-drawn wagons rattled by constantly carrying ore, pig iron or wood.

Jo-Mary Lake Campground - Welcome to a unique area of North America - the KI-Jo Mary Multiple Use Management Forest. The private landowners cooperating in this program request that you read the following information. These guidelines are for your safety and will also provide for continued high quality forest resource management and recreational use planning. All rules and regulations are in effect from early May to November.

Historical Sites Throughout The County - A compilation of places, dates, times and other items of interest to see in The County when you come to visit.

Vacation Package Ideas for Northern Maine - A compilation of rates, special package deals and more for the snowmobiling enthusiast in Northern Maine

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