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Northern Maine Snowmobile Trail Report
Snowmobile Northern Maine
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GPS Article

ITS92 Allagash to Escourt Station


The Official Snowmobile Trail Report
From the desk of: Gary Marquis
Caribou Parks & Recreation Department
55 Bennett Dr.
Caribou, Me. 04736

Aroostook County ITS Trail

As I type this report the Central and Northern part of the County are currently in a Winter Weather Advisory with 6 plus inches predicted today. The temperature is hovering around 31 degrees which is making the snow quite sticky. Most clubs will be out once the storm is over and will do what they can tonight.

Trails are overall in good condition, and they get better as you travel further North. The temperatures this weekend will make for quickly softening trails so please keep this in mind. This is the time of the year to travel the less traveled trails in the County which are the green trails on the map. They are groomed wide and smooth just with a lot less traffic.

Please use caution in field as the water is starting to collect in the low spots and with this new snow it might be covered so caution is advised. Please be respectful of some trails are closed.

The section of 76 in Presque Isle going toward Chapman is closed due to water. Caribou has a section of 83/90 near the railbed has water in the diversion ditch, sledders are going around it with no issues.

MOOSE MOOSE AND MORE MOOSE they are everywhere so please when you see the tracks on the trails, pay attention as they are close by.

The Deer and Moose are really liking the white carpet that all clubs are laying down, so if you see tracks on the trail this means they are out on them, so please use caution. Lots of deer in the Caribou area on ITS 83 off York Street, and Washburn Road. Portage and Ashland are reporting lots of deer closer to town so please use caution.

On the Social Side: Stockholm Parks will be having a hot dog roast fundraiser at Axle siding where 105/83 intersect this Saturday from 10-2.

Slybrook Snowriders will be hosting a meal at the clubhouse this Saturday starting at 11am.

Cold Mountain Snowmobile Club will be hosting a chicken BBQ at Ricky Theriault’s Sugar shack in Lille at 11:30 this Saturday.

Washburn Trail runner’s kitchen is open Friday 8-2, Saturday 7-2, and Sunday 7-12.

Meduxnekeag Ramblers Saturday breakfast at the clubhouse on the Wiley Rd. in Littleton from 6am to 9 am. All are welcome.


It's that time of year for us. When the days get longer, the temps get warmer and no hope in the forecast for anything different.

We will not be grooming anymore this year but there is plenty of riding and exploring to do. As the main trails deteriorate, there is still a ton of snow that is easily navigated. Take this time to explore, take in nature. A different type of riding is still riding.

Ben Towle
President and Trail Master
The Forks Area Trails Club

THANK YOU from all of us at Northern Outdoors! Northern Outdoors and Kennebec River Pub & Brewery are open through dinnertime on Sunday the 20th. At that time, we will shut down the main lodge and brewpub until we reopen on May 6th for the spring/summer season! While we are closed, cabins rentals are available at 50% off. Give us a call if you are interested in snagging an off-season cabin, or if you want to join us this weekend for one last blueberry ale by the fire! Otherwise... see you next time, and thank you for a great season!



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